The Beginnings

ANTUNOVIĆ winery is the first female-owned and established Croatian winery. The idea has emerged from a hundred-year long family tradition of grapevine growing and wine production.

Since planting a vineyard in 2004 and building off a winery in 2009, Jasna Antunović Turk, BEc, has taken the family business into “a new winemaking age”, seeing winemaking as a new life challenge and her true vocation.


The winery is located in north-eastern Croatia, in a winemaking region known as Podunavlje – vinogorje (vineyards) Erdut. 

The exquisite microclimate of the Danube watercourse, fertile and loose soil and equal distribution of precipitation and sunshine all ensure highly favourable conditions for planting various grapevine varieties.

After harvesting grape planted on 7,5 hectares of land, the ANTUNOVIĆ winery produces high quality and premium wines in a plant with the capacity of 950 hl.


Our assortment consists of 75% of white wine varieties (Welschriesling, Chardonnay, Sylvaner, Muscat Ottonel and Chasselas) and 25% of red wine varieties (pinot noir, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon).

The winemaking facility also includes a wine tasting room where guests can enjoy not only wine but also homemade culinary specialities.

The marketing and winemaking principle of the winery is called boutique winery, premium wines produced in small production lines intended for real wine lovers!


The Antunović winery is the first female-owned and established Croatian winery.


One of the specificities of the microlocation of the vineyards of Erdut is the watercourse of the Danube river that embraces this area on three sides, thus influencing weather conditions, which is revealed by the reflection of sunrays, wind rose and air humidity.

An additional flavour of the wine is provided by the composition of soil, that is eroded Chernozem, which is moderately rich in humus but pretty rich in minerals and microelements.

The Antunović family grows grape as the only raw material for winemaking on their plantation spreading over 7 hectares of land.

The shape of the grapevine is derived from application of the single Guyot technique and the average yield ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 kg per vine.

The protection and fertilization of grapevine follow the principles of organic production and the long-term goal of the winery is gradual transition to pure organic production.


The vineyards are situated on the southern slopes of the hills of Dalj (from the viewpoint of pedology, these are foothills of Fruška Gora), more precisely there are two vineyard sites: Šušnjar and Busija located at the altitude from 120 to 170 m.

As far as the climate is concerned, the main characteristics of the vineyards of Erdut encompass relatively low precipitation and hot summers, mild and dry autumns, cold winters and moderate winds blowing from different directions, frequent dry periods and a lot of sunshine throughout the whole year.

The average annual precipitation amounts to approximately 600 mm.

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