New winemaking era

The mission of Antunović winery is to position itself as a boutique winery with premium wines produced in small quantities intended for real wine lovers!

The Antunović winery has a hundred-year-old family tradition of wine growing and wine production. Since planting a new vineyard in 2004, Jasna Antunović Turk, BEc, has taken the family business into “a new wine making age”.

The winery is located in north-eastern Croatia in a winemaking region known as Podunavlje, vineyards of Erdut.

The characteristics of terroir are excellent!

The exquisite micro climate of the Danube watercourse, fertile and loose soil and equal distribution of precipitation and sunshine all ensure highly favorable conditions for planting various grapevine varieties.

Antunović Wines

Winery and vineyards